Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friendship on my Bead Table

Bead Table Wednesday.  haven't done this in a while. 

Well, Gena, this sweetheart friend of mine, sent me a box full of surprises. I am not gonna show them all here, you will all be jelous. I  will be sure to show you them as I create with them though.

It came after a really stressful week.  I feel so behind, and tired, and then this little package of friendship came and cheered me right up.

One of the wonderful things she sent me, was this.

I have wanted one of her anciet pebble (or the tablet) beads for soooooo long!  I just never knew what I would do with one.  They are so gorgeous, and there is so much going on, how do you even begin to design around such a fabulous bead?

Well, this time, I got right to work. I wanted to feel this positive energy, this connection, this friendship in a very tangible way.  I wanted to wear this bead.

I had just finished a bronze fire, and had this piece lying around.

Oh yeah.  I had to pull out the purples.  So a garnet donut and some sari silk will do.

Finished product is on my neck now, and will probably be there all week.  Sorry ladies, this one is mine. 

Love it.  If you have to have one of Genea's beads for yourself, you can grab them here.


  1. Gorgeous! Love the that bronze circle component too. Very cool!

  2. What could be better than wearing friendship around your neck? Hope you have better remainder of the week. ((hugs)) from your west coast friend!

  3. Awww you are so sweet! I'm so happy your package came at just the right time! I absolutely LOVE the necklace you created! Its the perfect mix of our creative styles! As I've said, that one was one of my very favorites! Thanks so much for being such a great friend! Xoxo Genea

  4. Gorgeous necklace indeed!! I really like this piece and excited to have one. I'll look forward to grab my one. Thanks
    mom to be gifts

  5. This was your day! A precious gift and exploding inspiration! It's just beautiful, Staci, and so YoU! Do enjoy it!

  6. I love the necklace Staci, and your post yesterday was awesome!