Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alice Hop Ideas

Please note my website is down while I try to own my domain name again.  You can click the tabs above for a gallery of my designs, my show schedule and links to my shops.  Thanks!

So if you didn't hear, Genea and I are having an Alice in Wonderland themed blog hop.  There is still time to sign up, click here for all the info.

Since we are promoting it be mostly handmade, here are some links to great art beads that would work with this theme.  Check them out!

How about this great mushroom?  "Whooooo R  UUuuuuuuuu?" 

Or how about this heart- for the Queen of Hearts?

Or these beads- they remind me of Alice's dress- and whimsical swirls always make me think of Wonderland!

Or these?  They are perfect tear drops, like when Alice cries and cries!!!!!  (when she is giant)

I coudln't resist posting this great cheshire cat resin pendant
Mix n Match Supplies
Well- thats it for today.  It's gonna be a fun hop.  You can make more then one piece if you are inspried to as well.  I plan to!  Contact me if you want to sign up. 

SALE!!!!!  Use code alice20 in my www.slartisanaccents.etsy.com shop for 20% off.  Stock up on whimsy for the alice blog hop (or just because)