Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's Hopping this Spring

I haven't found much time to hang out here in the blogosphere lately.  Spring is sprung.  Not only is it nice outside and the kids want to go out and play (and I am all for grabbing some fresh air), but I am trying madly to catch up in the studio.  I have beads to make, some to list, some for orders, some for my jewelry designs. 

I am also working on a collaboration with Genea Beads.  I mentioned it before, we are REALLY excited about it.  Really excited doesn't seem to cover it at all, we are artists after all, with this creative vision going nuts........................however, we are both very busy.  But soon, very soon, we will have some very special, one of a kind, bead sets for you all.
sneak peek

I have Spring Jewelry shows coming up the first two weekends in May.  They are back to back weekends, which is rough.  Not sure I have done that before.  So I need to make some new jewlery designs for that.  Lots actually.  I cut up 6 leather jackets so I could make more of my leather cuffs.

Here is the stack of leather I now have. 

Here are the cuffs I hope to make more of.

Easter weekend was wonderful.  I had a great time with family and friends.  I cleaned out the kids rooms, with their help....we got rid of old toys, de-cluttered and rotated clothes.  I feel like I can now hibernate and work in the studio...which I really hope is the case.

Here is a pic from friday night, when friends (my best friend and her family) from Jersey stayed over with their son, and Collin fell asleep on my best friend.  When she got up, he stayed sleeping.  Isn't he so sweet???  Plain old worn out from running with his little buddy.

Maybe he was so tired because I had them all doing this.............................

The little blondie is my best friends son.  I got to watch him for a bit on friday, and then they all stayed here.  I love that crew (and man, this guy is a cutie, and he LOVES to wash cars!!!)

We did plenty of this over the weekend too..................

In all the craziness, I did get to do this for a dear friend, Lisa Peters.........................

I love how it turned out. 

I also made this with one of Artisan Clays organic donut beads and lots of great gemstones, the colors were inspired by Lisa's bracelet.

I also made more flowers.

Here are the necklace designs I have made so far using them.

I have more copper patina earring sets ready to seal....just waiting for this wind to die down here on the east coast.  I had lots of people liking these, so I made another batch.

(ready for the lacquer)

Well, I think that's it for now.  Stop by tomorrow to see where you can enter to be next on the Art Bead Love Tour, and for the winner of my Artisan Accents Flickr Quarterly Challenge.


  1. Lots going on!! Love that pile of leather, I have a few jackets I could cut up for that too. I can totally see some of my big copper components put on to a chunky leather cuff. Might have to do that!

  2. Breath! Great pieces and it looks like Easter was good for everyone's soul. :)

    1. Easter was great. Spent time with friends, and both sides of the family (so happy we are all close, hubby's family and mine). I treasure that time. Got to hold my baby nephew too, nothing better then that!