Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bronze Bronze Everywhere

I have two juried shows the first two weekends of May.  I sold most of my metal components during my last sale.   So last week I was playing catch up, and making some components for jewelry. 

Here is the bronze clay in a couple different stages..................

My dear friend Lisa Peters also said she'd take some of my butterfly cuffs with her to Bead and Button.  I am so honored.  Here are some that I made, most are much smaller then the one in her bracelet, but not everyone likes massive jewelry like her and I.  They just need patina.

Here is the cuff I made for her, that she plans to wear.  Its a mix of her beads and mine.

So here are the two trays. I made lots of sets for earrings, lots of bracelet connectors (sprials, lichens and ammonites), some crazy sea urchins for necklaces, and bunches of winged things. 

Now I need to get crackin and make lots and lots of jewelry!  Tomorrow you can see the stash I got from Bead Fest Philly over the weekend, with all that, and my bronze, I should have plenty of new and exciting things to work with.  Wish me luck!


  1. *wipes drool off face*.....omg so much eye candy!!! Good Luck!!! XOXO

  2. Like Patti, I am licking the screen. I love, love the cuff and am in love with your winged hearts!!!!

  3. You've been busy! I love these bronze beauties, even when they're naked.

    Best of luck on your shows, though you won't need it since your pieces will sell themselves.

  4. Nice stash! Good luck with your shows!

  5. Nice work and wishing you *tons* of luck--you won't need it ;)

    1. don't jinx me guys. I have bad shows too sometimes!! LOL!

  6. These are terrific! I am hoping to get to see you on Sat. At your class. I called a friend of mine to see if she'd like to come along. I will let you know ASAP. Xo Linda

  7. Oh what a beautiful show and tell, Staci. I really love those heart and wing focals - and what a stunning cuff you made! I love it!