Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Spring means alot of things to me, but mostly, it bring me closer to shore time.  Even my kids began to ask a week ago (it is March, right?) "mom, when can we go to the beach?"  For me, I can go in coat and boot weather and just walk the shore line, even if its freezing.  I love the smell, the feel of the air, and mostly, I love beachcombing.  It inspires so very much of my work.  But the hubby has to wait until it warms up a bit before he goes beachcombing.  I can't wait for our first day trip with  the kids!

Here are some shore themed beads that have caught my eye while I am dreaming of warm days (or not) by the sea!!!!

First up, these great textural (is that a word?) beads by Gena.  If you don't know her work, check it out.  Her work is as bright and fun as she is, and she's always pushing and trying something new.

Look at how much detail she puts into each and every angle.  You can find them here.

Next up is this bead set by Jane Perala.  Jane made me fall in love with glass beads.  She is always adding new designs to her shop, while staying true to herself.  She often has a painters like approach with the glass, that I love.
This set captured my heart right away- look at the sea gull?  You don't get more shore then that.  And the starburst beads look like the sun glimmering off of crystal blue seas.  Great set.

Love these starfish by Heather Powers of Humble Beads.  She always has a way of caturing nature in her designs, soft, organic and detailed.  One year we actually found tons of starfish in New Jersey on Long Beach Island, where we go.  It was September or October I think, and they were all over the beach.  Not sure why, but I dont think they were supposed to be.

Then there are these spiral shell beads by Marla James of Marla's Mud.  I just had to have some of these, they are my style, and I need to make lots of sea glass jewlery.  Perfect match!

Dreaming of the sea.  Thanks to these artists for your inspiration and the reminder of one of my favorite things!


  1. Oooh wonderful post of eye candy, gorgeous beads.

  2. Great beachy collection - thanks for including my seagull set!

  3. I love the beach and then you combine that with awesome beads...heaven!

  4. Loved seeing what you're collecting. I am anxiously awaiting my focal bead from Genea, from the same batch as the one you posted here - I also just ordered a batch of her wing dings - Can't wait!!!