Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the air...................

We had a gorgeous full moon last night!  Today we woke to spring in the air.  It makes me want to open windows and clean (and there is not much in this world that makes me want to clean)
Full Moon Folk art Mixed Media Painting by me (for texture I modge podged tissue paper to the canvas fist)

But instead I will roll up my sleeves and go into the de-stashing of winter accumulation!  Over at Love My Art Jewelry, there is a great post today by Barbara Bechtel on handmade, and recycling.  Lots of wonderful tips and links that really got my wheels turning!  You need to read it.

Photo by Barbara Bechtel

I believe it was this time last year when I wrote this post on cleaning out and recycling.  Time to cash in that silver scrap too!  Take apart the jewelry you weren't happy with and reuse.  Ug!  I have a whole pile of solding that didn't work....I feel some rustic new things emerging from that.  Gears spinning.
 What kinds of things do you recycle regularly, and what things would you like to start to recyle?  Any creative ideas to share?


  1. Yes! It is...

    I'm very much feeling the same way... cleaning and opening up windows. The windows opened ... love that, the cleaning part... not so much.

    Rcycling. Unfortunatly... don't do as much of it as I should. But with spring coming it's making me want to get out in the dirt... and I KNOW I could "recycle"/contribute all the coffee grounds- from all the coffee I consume - back into the ground. The earthworms love it.
    Or. Every time I throw away a cardboard box - from cereal, etc. I think of the beautiful jewelry (handmade from women in third-world countries) all made out of cardboard. It's absolutely gorgeous.

    Miss you girl!! You're lovely smile and natural spring in your step. Been thinking about you lately. Hope all is well.

    1. Bev- you are so sweet. I am here. busy, tired.....but happy spring is in the air. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow night.