Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marsha Neal Studio Silk Challenge

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Oh my goodness, I love Marsha's silks.  How can you resist such rich colors?  Well, she is doing a challenge where we got to pick a color palette of our own from inspiration pulled from these pictures.
I loved the rich and bright colors of these pictures.  It was hard to only pull 20 silks, and I decided to do 2 of each of my colors.  I pulled out the oranges, reds and pinkish purples.  Here is my color palette.

You can vote for your favorite of the 12 new color palettes on Marsha's blog here.  You can also see what prizes we can earn, and if you buy my palette it will help me win my own free palette!!!!!!!!

You can purchase my palette here on her website.


  1. Staci - I love your palette so very much & I'm delighted you were able to join in the fun of selecting some for this first round! Don't forget to add a comment on this post (by 3/4) too since you've got the button on your blog for another chance at winning a palette of your choice. You guys are all welcome to enter the extra drawings too!

  2. Staci- I think that I love your palette even more than my own! ;-) This was a fun challenge. Her silks are marvelous and I love the way she selects them. This is a fun idea and I can't wait to see how it turns out!
    Enjoy the day.

  3. Your palette is just swoonworthy, Staci! Love it!