Thursday, December 15, 2011

It may be cold out, but my heart is melting.....The Glittery Pine Cone

I did a post the other day on Love my Art Jewelry about a handmade Christmas.  I am proud to have a very creative family, and own many many handmade and meaningful decorations from my parents, in laws, and my kids. 

My kids.  I love how creative they are.  I get a lot of art and gifts from them.  A LOT!  A LOT!

But this guy- oh, maybe it's simply because he's my littlest, maybe it's because he's my last, but this guy......

had me all but in tears the other day.  I picked him up from pre-school on wednesday, and he was all grins.  I mean, ear to ear, teeth shining, eyes squinting, giggly boy grins.  I was informed he had a Christmas present for me.  BUT, since I was good, I could have it for my birthday on saturday.  Now, I have been hearing about this present. I have been told I will never guess what it is.  (however, since he is my 3rd kid, at the same school, it will be my 3rd, exact same gift as the others gave me).  But I played along of course, teasing him that I knew, but then guessing crazy things. 

He could no longer contain the excitement of this event.  He came home, put the gift bag under the tree and told me there was a present under the tree for me.  I said, "but I can't open it until saturday" to which he said, "you can open it now".  Mind you, we have been home all of 5 minutes.  Gosh I love him.  He could not wait another second.  He was beaming with joy.  This is Christmas.  The joy of giving.  Giving to those you love, to say, "hey- I love you". 

So I opened it, and there it was.  My third, and most sparkly of all time, Glittery Pine Cone.

 I just about cried.  His excitement was so endearing.  He smiled for hours, everytime I looked at him, I got that grin.  And there was a part of me was a little sad that this was my last glittery pine cone.  *sigh*  I don't want them to grow up.  I want this innocent, pure, erupting joy of Christmas to last for him.  I hope he always does get so excited to bless others.  I hope I will treasure each and every gift my children adorn my fridge, my bedroom, my office, the hallways, and our Christmas tree with.

Handmade doesn't have to be fancy- it just has to done with love, and then, it's beautiful.
(Though my pine cone is totally fancy- oh yes, disco pine cone in full effect!)

So I am off to make some fun projects with the kids this weekend~~ornaments, Marcel the Shell with Shoes on, and maybe a hike.  (if you have not seen Marcel the Shell with shoes on, you should check it out, its pretty cute and the kids love it)

Wishing you all a weekend filled with joy and love, not just hustle and bustle!


  1. Happy weekend to you as well. I have a tree loaded with blue paper cranes that came home as gifts from school projects when they were young. It really is magic when you see that enthusiasm for giving in your young ones.

  2. Love that pine cone. I do miss the handmade ornaments from when the kids were younger. Have a great time creating, you are creating memories!

  3. This story is so sweet. I just love it. I can see those smilin' eyes on both of you. ;)

  4. Zack came home with a potholder made on a loom for me this week -- melt!

  5. I know, right? Just love it. And they just LOVE to give. Collin is filling up under the tree with presents all weekend! wrapping all kinds of thing. LOL! so cute!