Friday, July 29, 2011

"Purple Haze All Around............

Don't know, if I'm coming up or down............" jimi hendrix

This piece is named Purple Haze, since I think I used every shade of purple in it!  But really, the song fits, because I used a lot of contrast in this piece, and the song also has a lot of contrast, and right now, my life is all about contrast.  I am a mom, but I feel like a kid sometimes, I can be reserved and conserative, and wild and fun, happy about some things, and sad about others at the same time.  No wonder my poor sweet husband says he will never figure me out.  I don't know if I could.  I tend to go with the flow, and roll along, so it works for me.  But I guess it makes me complicated to those around me!

I also feel like I've been in a haze this week.  A post show slump.  I have a TON of things to do, and yet, just can't get motivated.  (Its also why this post got up late this morning!  I took the opportunity to sleep in, and forgot I had to get it up this morning...SORRY!) 
The piece has my Artisan Clay Design Team bead in the center, a glass filled donut by Kristie!  I surrounded it with a nice matte purple-ish beach slate, a shiny purple pearl stick, a matte, purple-y swirl bead by me, Artisan Accents, and some silver.  Then for the real contrast, I glued a Swarovski Rivioli in the center for some real bling.  There is a lot of shiny and matte going on in this piece!  I figure, if contrast can make this necklace interesting, then it must make my life interesting as well!  I'll take it.  Its finished with a silk cord from Marsha her cords.

I tried something new this time.  To encase the donut, I used nickel silver ILO regular silver (the sterling for the donut alone would have cost about $30).  I cut a fun shape, and then curled the edges up around the donut.  I have seen this done before, but wasn't sure how it would hold.  Well, it holds great!  I sealed the nickel silver heavily with permalac, which makes a coat between your skin and the silver in case of nickel allergies.  The wire is all sterling though.

I have this great purple dress, and I may not be able to part with this necklace, because I think they will be fabulous together!!!!  Please note: that is not me in the picture!  LOL!  I wish!

In case you just have an itchin' to see jimi hendrix performing Purple Haze now, here he is live at Woodstock, opening with the Star Spangled Banner.  So good.  I didn't watch the whole thing, I listened to it if there are any naked hippies, I apologize!!!!  They were just part of life back then.

See what the rest of the team made at Artisan Clay's Blog!  (I cannot figure out how to get the cool links on the bottom like the other gals!)


  1. Yep, necklace + dress = KEEP!!!! Really amazing piece, I'm very impressed!

  2. Oh, and I can't figure out that dang link thing either. I'm glad I'm not the only one...

  3. Awesome....great movement and contrast! Love it!

  4. Oh my, YES! That is a keeper. I love your sense of style and the way you pull all these pieces together. Well done!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Beautiful! You should totally keep it!

  6. I am so impressed (and completely smitten) with what you create with Kristie's pieces...each better than the last. Wow!!! The rivoli with the silver...a stroke of pure genius!

  7. Gorgeous piece! I love how you put all of the different components together.

  8. What a great piece and name for it. Love all the purple. Would look great with that dress.

  9. Love those purples and I think they describe my month/mood/life too...hazy. I can't seem to figure out quite which way I should be headed. :) I guess I'll just keep wandering and looking!