Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inspiration.....move me brightly................

(the title is actually lyrics from an old Grateful Dead song I love~it just fit perfectly)

Ahhh, inspiration.  It's a funny thing.  Sometimes it hits at the oddest times.  Sometimes it never hits at all.  I have really enjoyed doing challenges on various sites, such as the Love My Art Jewelry~ Art Spark, and the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge.  It pushes me, to create something outside my norm.  Yet, inpiration still has to strike.

July's Art Spark was based on nature.  Izzy challenged us to go outside, and look around, and be inspired.  Well, I did.

We spent an entire weekend with friends, outside, cooking, eating, swimming, laughing and having fun.  The kids were dirty and happy from a long weekend.  And we were enjoying catching up with friends.  But what I think I liked the best about it, was being outside, late at night.  The kids were catching fireflies, and the moon hung in the clear sky.  Two nights in a row, we were out, enjoying the best of the summer.  And both nights, I couldn't get over that moon.  It wasn't full, just bright, and perfect.  I love the night sky...the colors, and hues that sneak into everything we see in the dark.  So, without any more nonsense....here it is.  Created with passion, inspired by the summer nights, and that wonderful round moon that hangs above us all.

It took me awhile for this to come to fruition, because I had to make it from scratch...bronze center piece and all.  Its bronze clay, with a patina, riveted to some nickle silver clouds that are hammerd  and textured and given a little antiquing for depth.  Everything was then sealed in permalac over and over again (because of nickle allergies) and then waxed......AND then it still had to be made into a necklace.  I am so happy its done and I get to wear it now. 

So, how does inspiration hit you?  Do you have a color journal, or does your favorites list on etsy give you ideas?  Does nature inspire your designs, or the city or your sheer imagination?  I'd love to hear. 


  1. Wow Staci! This is beautiful! And I love the way you describe your inspiration. Isn't it just wonderful when inspiration hits you like that and it comes out so lovely?

    I think my inspiration comes from just about everything! Though only occasionally can I make it turn out the way I imagined it. Often it morphs into something totally different, but I think a lot of the fun comes from seeing imagination evolve into something real, whether it turns out exactly the way I imagined it or not. :-)

  2. Seems that you have had the most wonderful time this weekend. I'm sure all of you are going to remember this for a long time. I love your necklace - That truly inspires me! I love the colour of it, I have used that myself a lot. The necklace is simple, sofisticated and I love the way it's asymmetrical. And the center piece is magnificent! Everything insires me, people in the street, colours in the garden, blogs...