Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BTW...........and I am listing, and some reviews, and CHECK it OUT!

So, this Bead Table Wednesday, and it is more like office desk wednesday.  This is the day I take some pictures, edit them, and list some new stuff in the Artisan Accents shop!!!  Here are a couple sneak peaks of items to be listed.
  Most of these are not patina'd.  Wanna know why?  Because I found the most awesome carbon, called Magic Carbon from the Cool Tools website.  (this is the product review part of the blog today)  It gives the best antique patina to the bronze, that I just ended up cleaning them and sealing them.  I think they look great.  If you are working in bronze clay, I highly reccomend it. Another item I love from Cool Tools, is the No-flake firing foil.   If you have fired bronze or copper clay before, you know that the steel pans begin to flake off in a messy black mess in your kiln.  I have even read that this can be bad for your kiln.  So I thought I'd try this product.  I LOVE it!  I love that you can make the box any size you need it to be.  I love that it is so clean.  I love that it is not expensive.  Can you tell I love it.  Bye bye steel containers!!!!!  So those were some new products I used with this batch.

I have some patina'd components coming up too, just not today.  They are still in the finishing stages.

I am also going to do some destashing in my Artisan Accents shop.  So stop by and see what I am sharing this week.  There are some pendants, sea glass, beads, ect.....

Below is the little textured shell bead. Last BTW I had pictures of the molds I made for them.  I am happy with how it turned out.

And below is a little "Moon Baby" component for bracelets.
And thats it.  Bead Table Wednesday, is office and photo editing day.  Oh well, its gotta be done.  Have a great week!!!!

Oh yeah- check it out:  I have a cuff that made Art Bead Scene today.  Its featuring one of Artisan Clays beads.  You should hop on over and see all the other cool focals and bracelets that were featured too.  Fun stuff!

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  1. Got to go take a look at that foil - a friend and I are about to do our first firing of copprclay. Thanks!