Friday, April 8, 2011

Beadstar Entries and a Giveaway Winner

Well, I finally made a couple entries for BeadStar!  I didn't enter hearts, since Erin S. entered using one of my pendants.  But I did want to take the opportunity to enter and try to make something special with some of my Artisan Accents.

I make this for the glass category....I was pretty excited to have a chance to use my sea glass!
And I made this one for the gemstones category.

OK!  Now to announce the winner of the drawing for this pendant

It is Stefanie (steufel).  Congrats Stefanie!  (I always use to choose the numbers)
Stefanie- send me an email with your address so I can get this heart to you!!!

I will be leaving the sale for Artisan Accents on another week, and will be adding new stuff to the shop as well.  It is 10% off orders with coupon code SLOblog10.

Have a great weekend and thanks for all your great comments on here!  I love getting to know you guys.


  1. Thanks. I am not happy with my pictures, but I guess they will have to do. Photography is NOT my thing!!

  2. These are all gorgeous! I particularly like the first one, though. People keep bringing up Alexander Calder and I saw a whole exhibit devoted to him and two other contemporaries (one was Miro), so that's immediately who I thought of when I saw that first piece. It's wonderful. ^__^

  3. Thank you guys, for the encouragment! Jamberry_song, OH MY WORD! I am just so flattered to even have my name in the same sentence as Calder! I have been making my swirls necklaces with sea glass for years, but always in sterling silver, and since I switched to copper wire, I just love the old earthy feel it has. So thank you, it made my day!!!! I recently saw his work on Andrew Thortons blog, and never even knew he made jewelry until then. Love him!