Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Art Bead Scene Challenge

I fell in love with the April Art Bead Scene Challenge this month!  Just look at this photo.  Right now, in PA, spring is in full gear, and the birds are everywhere.  I just love how light and sweet they are as they hop around.....and this picture just captures that, perfectly!

So, I happend to be etching copper (electro-etching) this week, and decided to try to freehand draw a bird on a branch....I also have a kanji stamp, to pick up the letters on the right hand side of the painting, so I etched and cut and filed and punched holes, and patina'd and riveted and sewed to create of my new, super comfy cuff bracelets that I am just flippin over!!!
I used an old leather jacket to make the cuff, and went crazy with the stiches (just to add some fun texture).  Then I added some duponi silk scrap to add one of the colors from the challenge, and give it some added depth.  Then I riveted the etched copper beads to the bracelet, added some eyelets, made a hook clasp, added chain to make it adjustable, and placed a white pearl at the end, to pick up the light colors of the leaves in the painting.

I may keep this cuff.  I don't wear many bracelets, but I forget I have this on.  I plan to add some to my etsy shop, so check for updates.

To check out the Art Bead Scene entries on flickr, click here.

Remember, inspiration is everywhere!  You'll never know what you can create until you try!  So challenge yourself everyday.