Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Winner of the Pay it Forward Giveaway is........

Jane Perala!!!!!  I used a random generator and it came up #1- which was Jane.  Please send me your address via email (

Now, since I was feeling the love from all you wonderful gals, I decided to make a second surprise grab bag, and the random genorator picked #5....Kristi!  So please contact me as well so I can get your beads to you!

Thanks so much for sharing you stories of how people have touched your lives with kindness!  It was wonderful how you all opened up and I felt so blessed to read a little bit about each of you.

So- I will share my favorite story of someone showing me kindness when I really needed it.

I was 8.5 months pregnant, (yes that is really me, and it was only one in there)!

grocery shopping with my two younger children of 2yrs and 5yrs (they were sooo cute!!!)

  It was August and about 90 degrees outside.  My cart was FULL!  I am talkin, overflowing, asking the 5 year old to pick up the things falling out of it.  I was pushing it across the parking lot, or trying to, with one hand while I held my 2 yr olds hand and my 5 yr old was holding onto the cart.  It was one of those moments when I knew I had made a really bad choice in tackling that with the kids, but I was in it and there was nothing I could do. 
Here's the good part.  Some REALLY awesome angel of a women, came over, and took the cart and told me she'd help me to my car.  I tried to refuse (yes, I can be stubborn ie: stupid at times) but she insisted.  Then she helped to load the truck while I got the kids in their seats and buckled.  I couldn't thank her enough and she was just like, "no big deal...have a great day".

I got in the car and cried.  I was so tired, and hot and overwhelmed, and I was so happy that someone would do something so special for me.  Maybe it did seem like no big deal to her, but to me, it was everything.  She really made a pregnant womens day.  I will never forget it.

NOW I  make it a point now, to help women shopping with kids whenever I can!!!!!

Thanks again everyone, and remember, its those little things that matter most to people.  It doesn't have to be some grand gesture!!!


  1. That story brings tears to my eyes. Not of sadness but of joy knowing that there are people who care and are not afraid to do good things. Thanks for the story and congratulations to the winners.

  2. Norma- I teared up all over again writing it. I think people forget how much the little things mean.

  3. When I was young I was told I had an 85% chance of never having children. I loved kids and resolved that I probably wouldn't have my own. I would always feel bad for women in stores with crying children or a child that just wouldn't listen. I would try to offer a smile, kind word or a helping hand.
    I was blessed with a daughter of my own in 2009 and I cannot tell you what a blessing it when someone smiles at you on "one of those days" or holds a door open for your stroller to pass through.
    It happens so infrequently though, sad.
    Thanks for the story, you looked adorable pregnant!
    Shannon C

  4. Wow - that's me!! I won - I never win - guess I can't say that now. LOL. I have sent you an email with my mailing address Staci. Thank you so much. Now I will give some thought to my PIF - this is a great idea.
    Thanks again,

  5. Hi Staci - My parcel has arrived! Wow - what a lot of great stuff - thank you so very much. I have already designed (in my head) a new necklace from all the little charms you had wired up, and a bracelet from some of the stones.
    Thanks again for your generosity,