Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To Snow or not to Snow....that is the question!

Remember that first snow of the season?  The one that has the children squealing with delight.  The one that sends you off to bundle in your favorite sweater and settle in with a cup of something warm, to watch the snow lightly fall, and color the world in soft peaceful white.

Now- fast forward a few months later, to March.  To the beginning of spring.  This is what I heard this morning from the kids, as they saw snow falling, on March 23rd...a few days into spring.

Collin (my 4yr old):  "SNOW!!!"
Julia:  "no, really????  but it was spring yesterday." (said in a rather upset voice)
Collin:  "really."
Julia:  "*sigh*  I guess its not spring"
Collin:  "Do you like snow Julia?"
Julia: "yes"
Collin: "well I hate it.  I LOVE spring."

I think they ask me once a day when we can go camping or have a fire out back.  I guess winter is only fun for the first couple of snows, and even the little ones need a change.

They just make me smile.  I thought I'd share.

So, do you like snow, or LOVE spring???? 

I love that we get to have all the seasons here in PA, and wouldn't change it!

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  1. You know... I love the first snow(s). But, I'll admit even I was a little bit "miffed" at the white stuff, this morning, even though we only got a slight dusting. I think, no know, I'm ready for Spring more then I realized I am.

    Great post!