Monday, March 28, 2011

Do you know what Friday is???

Friday, I launch my line of components.  I cannot tell you how excited I am, or how much fun I have been having making them.

I gave a sneek peak of the bronz clay today you get a sneek peak of my line of polymer clay hearts. 

In the two sessions I have spent making these hearts, they have already evolved.  So I am excited to see where else they go in the future.  I think what I love best about them, is that I get to paint them.  *sigh*  Since going into jewelry, I have severly neglected painting, something which I have always loved.  After making round one of the hearts, I got out my paints, and got to work.  Many were painted, washed, painted again, .....until they were perfect.  Something in me was obsessing about getting them just right.  My hands and fingernails were covered and caked with paint (because some of them are even finger painted to get just the right texture and paint coat).  I was in heaven.

I think this unleashed something really creative deep inside me that I haven't tapped into, in quite awhile.  Because what happend next, was the second line of hearts.  A darker, deeper version of hearts.  They are tattered, and repaired.  They are guarded with spikes and spindly wings.  They are also not quite done, but I wanted to post a pic...just show you where I have already gone. 

My line officially launches on stay tuned.  There will be a giveaway, and some deals as well.  I may begin to list some things early as they get done though, so feel free to check my shop, Artisan Accents, anytime.

Here's a sample I made with one of the Celestial Hearts. 

I hope you guys like the hearts, because I LOVE making them.  I can pour emotion into hearts that I can't always seem to pour into other forms.  Perhaps because hearts ARE emotional. 

Is there a medium you miss working in?  Or one that you REALLY feel like you can pour yourself into?


  1. Love, love, love that greenish one with the sun peeking out - fabulous!

  2. Wow! That was fast! Thanks so much girls. Now I can breathe a little. I just emailed a friend to ask her what she thought...I am so nervous! Jane- thats one of my fav's too. I liked that I got to be more painterly on it (sorry- I think I make up alot of words..LOL) Its the only one like that, so I must make more!!!!

  3. Great! That green/blue necklace is so bright and cheerful.

  4. Your unleashed vibe description "got" me, love the post and really enjoy staring at your work!

  5. Amazing, great detail and colors. Can't wait to see the rest.

  6. I really love the hearts, too. I like the polymer clay pendants because they can be big but lightweight at the same time.