Monday, February 28, 2011

New Goodies and a Wonderful Day

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What a wonderful dat Saturday was!  I blog hopped, went to Berks Bead Bazarr with my daughter (julia 6yrs) and my friend, Kristie of Artisan Clay and her two daughters.

It was sunny out, and we had a blast.  We did lunch, beads, games. beads, and then stopped for chocolate on the way home.  I don't think a day can get much better!
Berks is a small bead show, but its close, and two really great bead artists, and just REALLY nice people are there each year...Lisa Peters and Joan Miller~ and Kristie and I can sure gab with those gals!

The girls all had money to shop for beads too, so that was really fun. They walked around and saw everything and then went back and picked what they wanted.  Then we were hanging out in the hall and playin' games and checkin out our bead stashes, while Kristie and I took turns shopping a bit.
Here is what my Julia bought with her money.  Some of the beads were free, gifts from friends or artists who had free beads for kids. 

After we came home she added to her collection from my collection and now has her own bead stash.

I made her a bracelet with beads from Joan Miller and Lisa Peters......

And here she is modeling it!  (Did I mention how much I love this girl????)

And, here is my stash.
I went nuts.  I love Lisa's Beads.  What can I say.  Here are some more detailed shots.

These are all Lisa Peters Beads, except the starburst connector middle front in dark bronz...that is an Artisan Clay bead, and was a wonderful gift to me from Kristie.  (yeah, she rocks!)

Now on to the gemstones.  I love picking out my gemstones by hand when I can....and every year I have found things here I cannot get anywhere else.

First I refilled my stick and coin pearls, which were on my list.
Then I restocked my labradorite...I Love those coin beads!

Next was these awesome Chrysoprase beads (though they are totally dyed jasper, but I couldn't believe how awesome the colors and shape were!!!) These are my favorites.
And last but not least, my newest favorite color, GREY.  These are hawk eye jasper and some quartz.  OOOOOLaLa! 
These are just some cool, rustic looking beads I picked up at Michaels. 
Ok- and thats all she wrote.  I cannot wait to start creating with all these goodies.  I may have to put some of the really awesome ones aside for the Best Little Bead Box though...gotta share the love.
Stop back this week for a giveaway!!!!
I am also going to put together a grab bag with some of the new gemstone beads and other cool beads and surprises.

Does your ideal Saturday involve beads, friends, or chocolate???


  1. Soooo much fun!!! And to get to pick up Lisa Peters beads and pendants in person, you are so lucky. Julia is so cute and what a sweet bracelet.

  2. Wow - what a loot:-) Ad I love that bracelet for your cute little girl.

  3. You know what ladies, I just had so much fun with my girls! My daughter is at a great age (and thanks, I think she is pretty cute too;) and not only shopping Lisa's beads in person is great, but she is so amazing, sweet and funny and down to earth. If you ever have a chance to meet her, do it! I am getting my giveaway together now!!!

  4. That is a great bracelet for your daughter. She's a cutie. And what a great stash you got. Will be checking back on your giveaway. Now I'm off to read your Bead Soup post, too. (Still blog hopping for that)

  5. Looks like you all had a great girls day out! Love both stashes. :)