Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Can't Wait to Share Soup with you ALL!!!!

I am finally done my bead soup necklace(s).  I ended up making two, since I got sent two sets of beads.  Its been pretty challenging, from shapes and colors I am not used to, to actually using a standard clasp (I make ALL my jewelry adjustable with a hook and chain closure).  However- I loved every minute of it.

Remember these beads??????

Here was one of my ideas I threw around....................
But it didn't quite do it for me...................
So here is a sneak peek of the finished piece

Ahh, yes, just a peek.  You have to wait for the reveal for the whole thing!
And- do you remember these beads???

Here's just a peak..............

I bet your mouth is watering for some Hot Bead Soup!  I know mine is.  I hope you can stop by on saturday for the big reveal!

See you then!!!


  1. I can't wait to see the full piece `;~) They look beautiful from the sneak peeks!

    I'm still working on mine :( Hopefully, I'll be able to finish up tonight.

  2. You can do it!!!! Can't wait to see yours either!!!!!

  3. looking forward to seeing you Saturday!