Monday, February 14, 2011

ArtBeads "Winter Enchantment"

The current Artbeads Design Challenge is Winter Enchantment.  It wasn't too hard to find inspiration with all the snow and ice we were having around here while I was creating my necklace!  Its just taken me awhile to get around to blogging about it.
I went right to the Pearls section of artbeads and picked up some head drilled peacock keshi pearls.  I love they way they reflect light and the purple tones were perfect- representing the shadows at dusk that form on the icy snow.
I also found some great quartz crystal coin beads in the gemstone section, and the awesome czech glass 6mm fire polised blue celsian beads in the glass beads section.
My inspiration was the ice storm we had.  It was beautiful, and I wish I would have taken some photos, but it was sooo hard to walk around, that I just stayed bundled up inside. 

So, without further ado, here is my winter enchantment, like an evening falling on an icy woods.

I made a wire wrapped circle for the focal- first, to look barren like the tree and bushes, all bare and tangled, but also, to represent how it seemed winter would never end!  I added a great chunk of crystal quartz and a stick pearl of my own, along with some chain to complete the design.  I love how it turned out.  Simple, sparkly, quiet, just like winter.

Disclaimer:  Artbeads sends me these products free of charge, to try and review honestly.  I recieve no compensation for doing this.


  1. I love this necklace you made! Stunning.
    If you have time stop by my blog I participated too.

  2. Your design is perfectly beautiful! I love how you chose your beads and the wire wrapped focal. Very artsy, and I love your style!
    P.S. For My Sweet Daughter......I tried to comment on your blog, too, however, your cute little owl keeps popping up and blocking my view! I love your pendant and the wire wrapped bicones, not an easy technique, beautiful!

  3. The focal reminds me of a skating pond -- the rim of it, you know? I like what you did!

  4. Thanks ladies. I really like the crystal with the purple. The pictures don't do those crystal coin beads justice~ they just sparkle. It needs to get sold though, because I am soooo done with winter!