Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday ~ Copper Hearts

I finally joined the Bead Table Wednesday Group on Flickr.  I love to see each week what everyone has on their table, and thought it was time to participate.

Since sometimes days go by that I am not in my studio (today seems to be one of them) what is on my table is left over from yesterday.  It was a challenging day, of making copper hearts in hopes to patina them in great colors and make fancy custom pin backs for them, ect....  Well- lets just say the pin back soldering was not going well.  I need to take a day off before I go at it again, but I think I need to use a tripod.  The wire pin back was melting before I could get the EXTRA EASY solder to flow.  So I am pretty sure if the heat comes from below that won't happen.  I just can't look at them yet...I was pretty upset that I wrecked a few of those hearts I worked so hard on.

So there you have it, my lonely bead table, just waiting for me to come in and forge some more jewelry.  But today, I plan to clean, cook, fold some wash and play with the kids (after all, I kept them home because of the snow). 

So my bead table wednesday will be bead table thursday too.  If it is still the same by next wednesday, someone better call me and make sure I haven't lost it!  (just kidding~ though it was frustrating)

Whats on your bead table today?

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