Monday, January 31, 2011

Bead Soup Partner~ A Big Blessing~ and a LOST package................

I found out my Bead Soup Partner is Lynda Mosely of Diva Designs! She makes fabulous polymer clay bead and pendants! So Lynda and I checked out each others work, and exchanged a few emails and got our soups ready for each other. When her package arrived, I was truly humbled. I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves first.

(if you don't know what Bead Soup is, click the Bead Soup Link above to find out all about this blog party!)

The packaging all matched and was totally Diva-licious!

It was like my birthday and christmas all rolled into one!  I got a TON of soup and I feel so spoiled!

I got a bunch of Vintaj findings, which is wonderful, because I have been wanting to try them. 
You can buy them here at Lynda's Etsy shop!

Lynda took time to find out my style and what I like, and since sea glass and ocean life is something I use often, she made me this wonderful cylinder bead with a shell transfer
 (not to mention the most awesome collection of accent beads ever).

Three clasps to choose from......

And my favorite- the turquoise!  I LOVE chunky, and I LOVE turquoise.  This one is sooooo me!

Then- as if that wasn't all thoughful enough, she made me this faux sea glass pendant in orange,
because orange is a rare color sea glass.

I am so humbled by her generosity and thoughtfulness.  So this leads me to the other part of my post, the part where MY package, the one I made for her got lost.....even with delivery confirmation on it.  It was a big downer, because I was soooo happy with all my new beads, and to think she was sitting home beadless.  So I am working on a new package for her, and hoping the old one will get there too.  *sigh*  I just want her to feel as blessed as I did when I opened my package.
I can't wait to start creating with this wonderful soup!


  1. First -- holy smokes, dude! Hand that over and no one gets hurt!

    Second -- seriously? They LOST it? Has she checked with her neighbors, by chance?

  2. The delivery confirmation, confirmed that it was delivered to Marrietta GA ILO Faifax SC! The post office is looking into it~ I hope whoever got it sent it back and its at the post office or something. I was NOT happy! How do you confirm it went to the wrong address??? The addresses weren't even close! But I don't want to rant about that, another soup is almost ready to ship- and I hope she gets both for being so patient and understanding (and totally spoiling me rotten!!!!)

  3. It's just crazy Staci! I'm still wondering how the post office, the mail man, and the recipient all "made a mistake"
    I can't wait to see what you make!

  4. Post Master called~ GA Ppost office is NOT cooperating, and saying there is no way it is possible they delivered it to that address unless it was the one that was one the package. My pennsburg Post Master is very nice, and said she will continue to try to get some answers. In the meantime- I am finding more cool things to send:)

  5. Hi, Staci! I'm so glad you liked the bead stash and the poly pendants!

    Still no package, but I'm still hoping it gets here. It is very generous of you to offer to send another package, too.

    I cannot wait to see what you do with all the beads and pendants! :)

    Your beady friend,

  6. Bummer on your package getting lost! :( Hopefully it will show up!!
    Your goodies are awesome - you will be able to make some many beautiful things with that stash!!! :) Looking forward to seeing!

  7. I sent a second package~ even more awesome then the first. I thought- what are the chances they will lose two? Second package is out for delivery to GA again! I am on the phone with Post Office customer service making a case. RRRGGGG! I am not sure what to do!

  8. Oh my - that is one awesome pile of delicious beady goodness you have there. Sorry to hear about the PO fiasco. Very frustrating I'm sure. Hope all works out and they arrive soon. - Lisa