Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ready, Set, BEADS!

That's it.  Except for pricing a few more trays of beads, I am done. I am ready for the Berks Bead Bazaar.  If you are within an hour or so of the show, think about stopping by (there is a discount coupon for the entry fee on their website).  There is such a great selection, and soooo many wonderful bead artists.  It has a real "at home" feel to it and isn't overwhelming like the really large bead shows can be.  Anyhow, here is my table set up at home, all ready and full.  Samples are made, and I am ready!!!

I hope to see you there!
Don't forget to bring your tax id if you have one.  I am implementing a discount for people with a tax id that spend over $100.


I hope to see you there!!!!!


  1. You have done really well - the booth looks fantastic! Good luck at the show.

  2. Very nice Stacie! A lot of interesting pieces. Good luck and wishing you bunch of sales.

  3. You have some really fun stuff and they way you use your original beads is very clever! I am loving that clasp with the pearl as the bar. NICE!

  4. So many cool beads! I will be there Saturday!