Monday, April 25, 2011

Balance...Myth? Legend? *sigh*

So, as many of you know, I have been working hard on my Artsian Accents shop!  Yet, I am struggling to find some balance here.
See, I am also a full time mom of three (under 9 yrs old), wife, and household manager, AND I have two very big jewelry shows in a row starting this weekend.  I need to make jewelry, keep my shop updated and make sure to never neglect my family!

I mentioned finding some balance on facebook the other day, and friend said it's a myth.  *sigh*  I honestly feel like thats the truth.  But thats ok.  I am enjoying the challenge!

So here is my new logo.  I updated the shop today, and will update again on Wednesday (I hope).

So do you think balance is a myth?  If not, how do you do it?  Is balance simply organization put in motion? 

Perhaps some definitions will help.  These are from
* something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise  (I love that word, counterpoise)
* to arrange, adjust, or proportion the parts of symmetrically.
* to bring to or hold in equilibrium; poise: to balance a book on one's head.

Maybe Monday isn't the right day to talk about balance!!! 
Happy Monday!


  1. well, you asked - i too am a mother of 3 and working hard at my craft in the hopes of increasing the revenue while staying true to my vision... i am also the household everything... does laundry get hip high? yes... do the kids occasionally eat easy stuff for dinner? yes...
    do i wish that someone would have a conference on mother's as creators? YES... because it is so very very difficult... the kids are our responsibility... and we love them to death... but do i guiltily admit that while they are my heart, my work is my soul? and if that gets neglected than i feel like i am falling apart? because it is true... this is in fact the most difficult balancing act... because my Self is a part of it... a Self tht is screaming not to get pushed down and smothered again...
    so - they will understand if you have to do work for your show... and somehow even when you feel like you don't have enough for a show, it works out... don't forget - with your components you can even do a number of necklaces that hang from simple leather cords... we all know that it is the inexpensive items that move the fastest - but you don't want to hold back from making your really inspired work... so there is a balance at your table at the show...
    best luck...
    oh, i love your new banner - and you know how i feel about those wings!

  2. Love your new banner.
    If you find balance let me know - I have been looking for "her" for years! The one thing that I do is to hire a cleaning lady - she comes for 3 hours every two weeks. At least that gets the majority of the dog hair and dust bunnies cleaned up periodically.

  3. when you find balance let me know. I am the owner of a salon, I do nails 3 10 hr days a week and on the 4 day weekend I am mom to an almost 2 year old daughter.
    I sent her to my in-laws today so I could go shopping with Patty (My Life Under the Bus) because I needed a break. It felt great to get out but every time I saw someone with a child her age I wanted to cry. I had guilt and bliss all at the same time.
    My house is a mess so I can work at my craft and further my nail career but I need to do these things lest I loose a piece of myself.
    Shannon C

  4. Thank for sharing gals!!! Shannon, I remember when they were little *sigh* they absorb every second of your time, and you are exhausted and can't wait for a break, and then when you have one, you wish they were there to share in your joy! LOL! I sooo remember. But you need to take a break from the kids, or else you don't ever get to miss them! And lets face it, seeing them after a day out and having them running at you like you are some sort of celebrity is wonderful!